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HDG Explains : How Does GPS Work?

The last time you used your phone to have Google Maps pinpoint your exact location on a map, did you ever stop and wonder how does GPS work so accurately? The Global Positioning System (GPS) system was actually launched by the U.S. Department of Defense in 1973 (known as NAVSTAR). By 1993, there were 24 […]

HDG Explains : What Is a Computer Server?

“The server is down!” “I can’t log into the server.” “The servers are at capacity.” These are the sorts of phrases we hear on a daily basis when using the internet, but what exactly is a “server”. It’s one of those terms that everyone uses, but few people really know any details about.  There’s a […]

HDG Explains : What Is Airplane Mode On Your Smartphone Or Tablet?

If you’ve traveled by plane before, you’ve probably heard the warning about setting your portable electronic devices to airplane mode or game mode. This is because most major airlines forbid the use of wireless communications while the plane is in the sky, as it could cause some interference that affects radios or other devices in […]

HDG Explains : What Is Bandwidth?

Bandwidth is a common term in the computing and networking world. It’s used so often, in fact, that it’s easy to forget that some people don’t actually understand what it means.  A quick Google search for “what is bandwidth” will turn up two different definitions from the dictionary, neither of which is correct. This article […]

HDG Explains : What is Metadata & How Is It Used?

If you own a website or work in fields that involve writing or managing online content, then you likely heard of metadata. It’s something you can’t get away from (nor should you if you want to rank in search engines).  The question you may be asking is “what is metadata – and more importantly, how […]

HDG Explains : What Is SFTP & FTP?

In order for a computer network to exchange data and resources, it takes a collection of various devices such as routers, switches, and computers. That network would then need to follow a protocol, likely multiple protocols, to establish proper communication between all of those devices. FTP and SFTP are two such protocols. What is SFTP […]

HDG Explains : What Is Sudo & Root On Linux?

Beginning a journey into Linux can be somewhat confusing. There are plenty of new features and terms being thrown at you that you’ve likely never heard before. Two such terms are Root and Sudo. What is Sudo and Root? These two terms are among some of the most important you’ll expect to find when it […]

HDG Explains: What Is a Computer Network?

A computer network is a set of interconnected computers that are connected wirelessly or via cabling for the purpose of sharing media or data. The computers on a network, also known as nodes, can share resources including access to the internet , printers, and file servers, or allow electronic communications. A computer network consists of […]

HDG Explains: What Is An IP Address & Can It Really Trace Me To My Door?

For one big world composed of nothing more than 0s and 1s, the internet can sometimes be a scary place. If you’ve been on the internet for years, you’ve likely had your information leaked or a password stolen. Chalk it up as coming with the territory. Even while abiding by the most strict security standards, […]

HDG Explains: What Is CAPTCHA & How Does It Work?

When signing into a website online, or entering sensitive information, you may sometimes be asked to click a tick box, match images together, or type in a random series of numbers and letters.  This is known as a CAPTCHA. It’s designed to stop non-human behavior online. But what does that actually mean? And can a […]