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How to Set Up a Windows XP Virtual Machine for Free

Whether it’s for nostalgia or to run old software, there are benefits to running a Windows XP machine—for the right reasons. Obviously, it’s not recommended to run Windows XP as your only operating system, as it’s outdated, unsupported, and full of security risks. Thankfully, it’s entirely possible to set up a Windows XP virtual machine […]

How to Avoid and Resolve DNS Outages

DNS outages can cause headaches for anyone affected by them. Sites experiencing issues can result in bad user experience and possible loss of money for the business.  DNS means Domain Name System. It is an Internet directory that matches IP addresses with domain names. Every website has its own web IP address. Users can type […]

8 Best Free OCR Software Apps to Convert Images to Text

OCR or Optical Character Recognition is a sophisticated software technique that allows a computer to extract text from images. In the early days OCR software was pretty rough and unreliable. Now, with the tons of computing power on tap, it’s often the fastest way to convert text in an image into something you can edit […]

HDG Explains : What Is SFTP & FTP?

In order for a computer network to exchange data and resources, it takes a collection of various devices such as routers, switches, and computers. That network would then need to follow a protocol, likely multiple protocols, to establish proper communication between all of those devices. FTP and SFTP are two such protocols. What is SFTP […]

How to Remove These 9 Unwanted Windows 10 Apps and Programs

Do you use all the programs in your Microsoft Windows installation? It is not uncommon for your system to have installed apps or programs that you don’t realize are there. All Windows installations come with built-in apps. They take up valuable space on your hard drive. Often these are start-up programs that can also affect […]

HDG Explains : What Is a Computer Server?

“The server is down!” “I can’t log into the server.” “The servers are at capacity.” These are the sorts of phrases we hear on a daily basis when using the internet, but what exactly is a “server”. It’s one of those terms that everyone uses, but few people really know any details about.  There’s a […]

The 10 Best External Hard-Drives For Windows & Mac

When it comes to the best external hard drives, there are three things that come to mind – speed, reliability, and portability.  It can be hard to tick all of those boxes, but if you know what functionality you need, our handpicked list of the best options should help. We’ve focused on some good, affordable […]

What Is the Best Format For External Hard-Drives? Pros & Cons Of Each

External hard drives, flash drives and other similar forms of removable storage have made life pretty easy when it comes to moving data around. However, we live in a world where each person is likely to own multiple devices that external storage could (theoretically) be connected to.  There are also various use cases for external […]

HDG Explains: What Is Ethernet & Is It Better Than Wifi?

Ethernet is the common standard for wired connections to computer networks. Devices using an Ethernet connection make use of a specific type of twisted electrical cable to connect with, send and receive data with other networked devices, as well as gain access to wider networks like the internet. Using an Ethernet connection, you can connect […]

How to Install Chrome OS in VMWare

Lightweight and cheap, Google Chromebooks offer a great, low-barrier alternative to a full-powered Windows laptop. With access to Google Docs and Android apps, Chromebooks have plenty of uses, whether it’s for work or for fun. Before you buy, however, you can try the Chromebook experience to see whether it’s right for you. It’s entirely possible […]